Nana Maroon

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Nana means Queen or King in West Africa , Ghana. The founders of Nana Dolls wanted to teach the younger generation of their history whilst also having fun. There were many strong courageous women from all over Africa who helped to fight for freedom. 

The Nana Maroon doll is Inspired by Nanny of the Maroons. She was an Ashanti warrior, born in Ghana then taken to Jamaica during slavery by the British.  She managed to free herself and others by running to the mountains and using her skills in warfare. Nanny of the Maroons freed so many slaves that the British were forced to declare peace between the Maroons and the British. She is considered methodical, peaceful and heroic.

Meet Nana Maroon


Born in Ghana and taken to Jamaica

Favourite colour: Black

This Queen is heroic, smart, methodical and peaceful. A mother to all

Details: 13"inch fashion black doll with afro hair & Ankara clothing.

    *Colours and accessories may vary*

    Customer Reviews

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews Write a review

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