Mindful Representation

mindful representation

Kids Swag is so important to me because it embodies a key principle of how I live and how I parent - #MindfulRepresentation. 

This is a term I  coined after years of trying to explain Kids Swag in casual conversations, in emails and formal submissions.

What it means is Kids Swag is not about any one product it's about a shift in mindset, it's a lifestyle that is focused on helping you be inclusive and celebrate yourself and others.

It's the idea that it's not about what you purchase but it's about the purposeful action you take to ensure your child and even your life is enriched with positive representation of all kinds whether that be gender, race, religion etc..

It is the idea that if we are truly  going to  take purposeful action it's going to take mindfulness to ensure your physical space is reflective of this belief. 

I think of Representation Matters as the awareness campaign and Mindful Representation as the call to action.

Below I walk through how to embrace a Mindful Representation Lifestyle. 




Why is it important? Did you realize that as early as 3 years old, kids are classifying people based on their appearances? (Source: The Atlantic) Want to know more about the importance of visuals from 0-7? Check out this Instagram post by The Conscious Kid

I call on you, the Kids Swag community, to share your stories and tag me in your examples of Mindful Representation. There are so many ways that this term can be embodied and we learn best from seeing examples.

black girl swimming natural hair swim cap


 Pictured here is one of many examples of my Mindful Representation. Kiera (my daughter and the inspiration behind Kids Swag) went on a school trip. black girl natural hair swim

She went swimming wearing a cute swim suit (sorry its no longer available)  that reflected her beauty and wore a swim cap specially made to protect Afro textured hair.


Because of the Swimma Cap she confidently could engage in all the activities of her peers without worry about her hair. The natural hair logo on the cap also reinforced her confidence of wearing her own natural hair proudly. 


Interested in learning more about Mindful Representation - Follow KIDS SWAG on Instagram for the latest information as we profile how our community is practicing Mindful Representation. 

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