Nia Ballerina


Nia Ballerina is a UK based company founded by Sharon McBean that designs musical jewelry boxes with black ballerinas.  

Nia Ballerina is the inspiration of Sharon's daughter and her absolute love for ballet from the age of 2.  As any mother, Sharon wanted to support her daughter in her passion when she began to take an interest in the ballet industry.  It became obvious that ballerinas from diverse backgrounds were and still are hugely underrepresented within the industry.  She felt it was vitally important that her daughter sees images of herself as a ballerina, and one way to achieve this for children is by the toys they play with and books they read.  Sharon's mother had purchased her daughter a jewelry box with a ballerina figurine, however, Sharon did not understand why the ballerina did not resemble her daughter!  Now a gift for her daughter is a gift for the special little ballerina in your life.


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