FINAs Afro Swim Cap Ban Impacts more than the Olympics

I like many was disappointed and saddened by FINA announcing the ban of an Afro Swim Cap submitted for use in the Olympics. Even more hurtful was the language used to describe the ban they don't fit the "Normal" form of the head. 


There has been extensive coverage of how this decision impacts Olympic athletes buy not as well known is the impact it has on the entire profession of sports. This decision has far reaching implications on black swimmers having the appropriate tool they need to successfully participate in this sport. 


As a seller of Swimma Caps in Canada and Co-Founder of Black Women Swim, a Facebook group, I could not remain silent. I am grateful to our local news outlets for covering this story and heightening the awareness of this problem. If we're committed to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion then this can not just be a Black issue this is an issue for humanity and we need your voice. 


Summary of Canadian Coverage

CTV News

Global News

The Kit







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